About us

Hey! My name is Marshall and I want to change the world! For years, I've worked for others and have held a variety of job titles - shop helper, cabinetmaker, welder and outdoor guide. Always working with my hands. In my spare time, you could find me with a notepad and pen, ever sketching and doodling my daydreams. I would draw animals, lettering, logos, and apparel. It wasn't until one day I realized that I wasn't going to be able to change the world by working for someone else and that I knew I had to become my own boss. I decided that I still can work with my hands but by sharing my designs on clothing and other products. And by building a web based business, I can build a future that allows me to be mobile and serve my fellow man in less privileged parts of the world. I've traveled to Europe, Central and South America, and I'm planning to set up a service based operation in remote Brazil. I speak Portuguese and Spanish.

I started CrewTea in 2016 to begin my plan of making the world a better place. I have my eyes set on much broader goals and you can help by becoming part of the "Crew!" By buying from this website, you are helping to create change in the world - one 'Tea' Shirt at a time.

My co-founder is my cousin and lifelong friend, Beau. He's worked in graphics art and design and helps out with the overall web design and marketing. He's worked and lived in Polynesia and Central America and will assist with setting up the service opportunities that we have planned. Beau also speaks fluent Spanish.

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